Our Ship

From Stem to Stern the Ship we Sailed

Ready for Sea

USS Shields DD-596

The history of the USS Shields DD-596 from her commissioning to her final days.  A career of service with distinction for her grace and speed at sea.

Born for Battle

Destroyer History

Destoyers have been sailing in many forms and sizes over the long history of the  US Navy.  Take a step back in history and see how they have adapted over history to lead and protect the fleet.

Greyhound of the Sea

Fletcher Class Destroyers

“I always felt it was the Fletcher class that won the war . . .they were the heart and soul of the small-ship Navy.”
LCDR. Fred Edwards, 1942,
Destroyer Type Desk, Bureau of Ships

Polish & Shine


Like a floating city, the destroyer has a strong chain of command of Officers, Senior Enlisted, and Crew that live shoulder to shoulder in harm’s way.

Armed and Loaded


Standard outfitting included five 5″ guns with a gun director, 40MM twin mounts, 10MM twin mounts, and 10 torpedo tubes plus depth charges.

Unrestricted Super-Heat

Engineering Plant

Power to drive through the seas at high speed from four boilers turning dual screws taller than a man. Shields had special boilers that set speed records.