CT Maranhão D33

Blue Ribbon Winner for Fastest Ship in the Fleet

“It was the fastest ship in the fleet that period:


The CT Maranhão, D33, was the sixth ship of the Brazilian Navy to bear the name in honor of the State of Maranhão. It was built in shipyards Puget Soud Navy Yard, Washington Bremeton USA and Commissioned the USS SHIELDS DD-596.

Features: 3050 ton.- 114,8m in length-12m 5.5m mouth-to-calado- Propulsion Four boilers Babicock & Wilcox- Two GE turbines 60,000 shp generator coupled to two eixos- Two turbos GE generators 350 w- Top speed 35 us.
The ship belonged to flotilla second CTs squad. In the period 1976/1979, he participated in all the appropriate committee by the station having as Flagship Porta Aircraft Minas Gerais. It was the fastest ship in the fleet that period; BLUE RIBBON.

  • Presentation: to 09.17.1976, coming from Comforcts.
  • Function: (Assumption) at 09.23.76, assumed the charge function Air Conditioning ship.
  • Improvement Stage: (Home) a17 / 09/76, coming from CIAW and shall end on 09/17/77.
  • Course: Completion with travel Utilization AP / MO, Class 2/75, average 74.1. Bull. 40/76 / M.
  • Commissions:
  • Travel Agreement No. 044 / 76- Enter the Dragon XII 706 miles navigated, and 3.0 days sea views. Ports: Victory.
  • Travel Terms 045/76: Travel Sea You make ESPC / OS 365.0 miles and 3.0 days sea views. Ports: No.
  • Travel Agreement No. 046 / 76- joint operation with the Argentine Navy. Exercise training and test machines. 4377 navigated miles and 13.5 days sea views. Ports: Puerto Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Baia Blanca, Rio Grande and Paranaguá.
  • Foreign Travel: The ship suspended the Port of Rio de Janeiro on 04/11/76, remained 15 days abroad.
  • Travel Agreement No. 047 / 77- post requirement Compliance PNR and training. 1,572 miles and seven days navigated sea views. Ports: Santos.
  • Travel Agreement No. 048 / 77- Travel dressage phase "1B" sailed 776.8 miles and three (3) days sea views. Ports there was.
  • Travel Agreement No. 049 / 77- stage of completion "1B", sailed 767.4 miles and three days sea views. Santos port.
    • Travel Agreement No. 050 / 77- preparatory trip for Operation Unitas / 77- 1.676.7 navigated 6.5 miles and days sea views. Santos port.
  • Travel Agreement No. 051 / 77- preparatory operation for Operation Unitas and Operation Unitas XXVIII (Phase 7) - 2.777.1 navigated 8.5 miles and days sea views. Porto Rio Grande.
  • Travel Terms N052 / 77- Operation Unitas (Phase 2). Enter the Dragon and efficiency of inspection. 1818.9 navigated 9.5 miles and days sea views. Port Saves pain.
  • Travel Term 053 / 77- ongoing training trip ESPC / OS - Operation Maris Potestatem- 1.736.2 navigated 7.0 miles and days sea views. Santos port.
  • Function (Assumption) took the conductor "MO" of the ship.
  • Improvement Stage: (Enabled) Enabled in Perfection Stage conducted from 09/17/76 to 09/17/77.
  • Highlight: the 03/20/78, for the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Navy (Fins serve POITMAR) according to ORDMOV. 12.20326.2 / 78.
  • Directorate of Hydrography and navigation- Presentation: the 03/20/78, highlighted the Destroyer Maranhão D 33.
  • Description: To serve the Oceanographic Station Trindade Island (POIT) during the period April to August 1978. OS / 03/78 of DHN.
  • Highlight: - the 04/10/78 to the Oceanographic Station of the Trindade Island (ORDMOV.12.20326.2 / 78)
  • Apresentação- a13 / 04/78, detached from the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation.
  • Travel Agreement No. 182/78 (Partial Bahia Corvette) - Supply of Travel POIT. 818 miles navigated and 3.5 days sea views. Ports: Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad Island.
  • Function (Asuncion) to 4.14.78, took charge of s Engines and Generators section of the Trindade Island Oceanographic Office.
  • Embarque- Time has six (6) years and seven (7) months and three (3) days as a sergeant until 01/07/78.
  • Function (Passage): a 08/15/78 passed the charge of Section engines and generators of Trindade Island Oceanographic Office.
  • Travel Agreement No. 164 / 78- (Partial NHI Canopus.) - POIT Supply Travel. Navigated 1,150 miles and five (5) days sea views. Ports: Trindade Island and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Service time (Garrison Special) - Account twice as cool addition the period 04/13/78 to 16/08/78, four months and three days who served in Trindade Island as stated in No. 070 sheet Booklet - Registration, according to Law No. 2116, Article 1 letter b and Article 4 of November 27, 1953.
  • Highlight (Back): the 08/16/78 in order to perform at the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation. (ORDMOV. 12.20326.2 / 78).
  • Presentation: 8/21/78 proceeding from the Oceanographic Trindade Island Post.
  • Highlight (Back): the 08/31/78 in order to perform at your unit, CT Maranhão D 33. (Ordmov). No. 12.20326.2 / 78.
  • Apresentação- to 08/31/78 (Return Spotlight POITMAR).
  • Function- (Assumption) - 08/31/78 the driver of the group "MO".
  • Travel Agreement No. 058 / 78- Operation STRESS / 78 and the first PRE Unitas, 2124.2 navigated 9.0 miles and days sea views. Ports: Salvador.
  • Travel Agreement No. 059 - phases Sea CISA courses and ARTASAN operation GAR / 78, sea phase of the AP Course / OS 2431.5 miles navigated and 7.0 days at sea Ports: Paranaguá.
  • Travel Agreement No. 060/78 / 78- Enter the Dragon, Sargasse operation. 2437.8 miles navigated and 7.0 days sea views. Ports: Salvador.
  • Function (Passage) - the Group Conductor "MO").
  • Travel Agreement No. 061 (in time) - Operation Guaiba / 78 3143.1 miles and navigated 11.0gias sea views. Ports: Paranaguá, Rio Grande and Santos.
  • Travel Agreement No. 62- Operation Asp / 79, 4663.9 navigated miles and 15 days sea views. Ports: Recife, Fortaleza and Salvador.
  • Desligamento- (Landing) - the 02/23/79, for QM, for subsequent submission to the command of the 3rd Naval District according to (ORDMOV 02.40115.1 of 12/29/78).
  • Sum of navigated miles: 21.673.4 miles and 115.5 days sea views.
    Over two years and five months', highlight important facts: in 1976 the ship faced three days Grosso Sea on the coast of Santa Catarina towards the Port of Buenos Aires. Traffic was banned on the deck in favor of the garrison security, returning only to be released when the storm subsided. The following year, in Rio Grande coast, RS, a sailor fell into the sea ace 07:30 in the morning with plenty of cold water. It was given the touch of "Man Overboard" regattas for the sailor. Guarneci the readiness of launch, but the collection of Edson was given by approaching the ship.
    In this phase of the journey the ship had been stepping up the "Battle Stations", and even pay phones "Man Overboard".
    Also highlight the commission in the Alpha area in the Southeast coast, RJ, when our task force comprising ten ships anchored in Arraial Cape Cove for rest trim. On that occasion it was organized a fishing competition among the garrisons of CTs. Fishing modes: Biggest Fish, Greater and Lesser Quantity fish.
  • The CT Maranhão D 33 was in the 70's the fastest ship in the fleet. In one of these trips the ship dropping the Port of Santos to Rio de Janeiro imposed a speed of 34.6 miles. He boasted at bridge the ECO Barra brand. It was the Blue Ribbon CTs fleet.

On June 6, 1990 the ship underwent Show Disarmament leaving the Navy active service.